O registro civil no Brasil

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Thiry-Cherques, Hermano Roberto
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After having done an accurate analysis of the Registry Office in Brazil it was found out that there are some distortions, as the one which makes possible the existence of significant contingent of population - 'the registeredless' ('os sem-registros' ) - people who live on the margins of society. This system is based on private patterns coming from the extrajudicial registry offices performance and through a government official concession, the registry offices have obtained the legal right to take over registration services.The maintenance of this model has been put in question and debates have been taking place all over Brazil. This process, on the other hand, produces data which are collected, processed and disseminated by IBGE (Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística) and could be the source of very important statistical information if there were not blanks created by the 'subregistration' caused by offical records evasion and/ or by late offical records. The main purpose of this work is to show how deficient is the current system in Brazil, not only by pointing out the problems which still happen nowadays but also by thinking carefully about the difficulties to search for process improvement. In conclusion, there is a latent need to rethink the way the Registry Office system is structured in Brazil. Discussions can act as a stimulus to find out more suitable and definitive solutions for all the Brazilian citizens who are interested in consolidate democracy in Brazil.

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