Cidade “verde” ou cidade “vermelha”: AIB e ANL em Petrópolis

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Fontes, Paulo
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The confrontation between antagonistic militant groups is a phenomenon present in several moments of Brazilian political history, especially in the republican period. Due to different contexts, it can also be understood that different reasons can determine the origin of each of these conflicts. The first of these greats clashes occurred between members of the Ação Integralista Brasileira (AIB) and the Aliança Nacional Libertadora (ANL) in 1935. There were several clashes, involving many militants, registered in different parts of the country. It consider, however, that although there had common causes that motivated the opposition between the groups throughout the national territory, there were also local factors, which differentiated the characteristics of this confrontation according to the scenario in which it developed. Based on this hypothesis, this research takes as object the events related to the AIB-ANL confrontation in the city of Petrópolis (RJ). It was, simultaneously, an important pole for integralist militancy and also an important center for the ANL's activities. It is considered here that both the mobilization and the actions of the militants were in some way quite different from the forms of confrontation observed in other parts of the country, especially regarding the general strike that followed the death of a ANL militant.

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