Motivações para a verticalização logística na indústria de bens de consumo: um estudo de caso sobre a Coca-Cola Andina Brasil

Cyrino, Álvaro Bruno
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Organizations are targets of constant changes imposed by factors that require fast and consistent decisions to remain competitive. The strategy that best leverages resources and capabilities to obtain sustainable competitive advantages can be found inside or outside organizational boundaries. This study aims to identify and assess the reasons for a beverage industry to migrate from an outsourced distribution model to a vertically integrated one. Therefore, we built a case study which allows us to evaluate carriers' behavior in the contractor perspective and to analyze the financial feasibility of their own fleet, not to mention the exploration of pilot project idea and the vertical implementation itself. With the results we could assess benefits and risks of having own physical distribution, exploring the intersection between theoretical and empirical contributions. Therefore, we broadened the vision of the academy and executives on the sourcing decision, exploring strategic aspects of this complex and important decision-making process.

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