Análise dos fundamentos do modelo value-based health care delivery à luz das teorias de estratégia

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Globally, the health sector presents problems related to cost, quality and access. Porter and Teisberg (2004, 2006) proposed a specific management model for strategic administration in this sector - Value-Based 496 Germany Gonçalves Veloso, Rodrigo Bandeira-de-Mello, Ana Maria Malik - análise dos fundamentos ... Health Care Delivery (VBHCD). This model has been adopted by many actors in the health care sector. However, it has been accepted without a proper analysis of its bases and consistency with strategic theory. This theoretical essay analyzes the proposed model in light of the general paradigms of business strategy, such as Porter’s model and the Resource Based View. Initially, the article summarizes the theoretical explanations of Port’s classic model and RBV. Next, the VBHCD is examined, comparing it with these explanations, and looking for any links and contradictions. We conclude that the VBHCD model is not fully aligned with any one specific theory. Although proposed by Porter, part of its rationale actually stems from other theoretical perspectives. This integrative approach of concurrent theories, although it is presented in the literature, still faces difficulties and barriers, an aspect that is not clear in the model.

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