Um 'novo' velho arranjo institucional: o papel da empresa de planejamento e logística (EPL) no licenciamento ambiental das obras rodoviárias do DNIT

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Barrionuevo Filho, Arthur
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It can be stated that in Brazilian public management, 'nothing is created, everything is transformed.' This work addresses how the Transportation Ministry uses new integration models to orchestrate the relationship of indirect administration public organizations of different natures, such as governmental agencies and public companies, in the environmental licensing process of priority road works. By adopting this 'new' arrangement DNIT reduces the 'project factor' effects related to environmental licensing. The 'new' can be observed in the intensive use of Distinctive Contracting Regime (DRC) to hire a private entity by a state entity to subsidize DNIT (National Transportation Department) bidding process in a contract that will be executed by a third party private entity. Translating this relationship for the actors involved, the consultant (private entity) who will carry out the EIA / RIMA is hired by EPL (public entity) to subsidize DNIT´s bidding process that will be performed by a dealer (third party private entity).

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