Fundo de investimento privado na distribuição de cinema no Brasil

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Falcão, Joaquim
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This paper identifies the key factors of investment in the Brazilian film industry today with the objective of proposing a private investment fund, in the form of Funcine (National Film Industry Financing Fund), for the distribution activity. Starting with a retrospective to understand the evolution of Brazilian cinema, the paper presents the main theories of investment in the audiovisual sector, the recent developments of the industry and the main applications for Brazilian data in this sector. The implementation of public policies that can guarantee the economic stability and credibility of cultural agents, as well as increases in credit supply, can raise the level of private investment in the audiovisual sector in Brazil. Based on practical and theoretical studies, literature on the subject, market research and interviews with professionals of the industry, I will present the possibility of a private investment fund for the activity of the distribution of the film industry in Brazil. The objective of the paper is to provide a investment product that will give a return to the investor while contributing to the development of the Brazilian film industry towards its self-sustainability.

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