Revista do Patrimônio: editor, autores e temas

Gomes, Ângela Maria de Castro
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This work investigates the trajectory of the Revista do Patrimônio (heritage magazine), the main publication of the National Service for Historical and Artistical Heritage – Sphan, between the period from 1937 to 1967. That period corresponds to the management of the first Sphan director, Rodrigo de Melo Franco de Andrade. Edited since 1937, the publication gathered a group of intellectuals that have built the field of heritage in Brazil, having as protagonist the Sphan itself. Therefore, the Revista do Patrimônio is taken as object and, simultaneously, as a fundamental source for this research, considering it as social a place for those intellectuals that have collaborated to the preservation of the heritage. In that manner, Rodrigo M. F. de Andrade, that was also the editor of Sphan publications, is taken as the developer of the networks built around the Revista do Patrimônio, which contributed for the constitution of the heritage field, which could promote itself through this publication.

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