Orientação sexual e discriminação: um experimento no mercado de trabalho paulistano

Marconi, Nelson
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This thesis presents the first social experiment conducted to analyze discrimination against gays in the Brazilian labor market within the state of São Paulo. A correspondence test was carried out by sending simulated fictitious resumés to current jobs openings. All candidate characteristics were identical between the two resumés sent out, except for the experience of voluntary work: one curriculum was signaled that the candidate worked in a gay organization (treatment) and the other did not (control). The selection of which resumé to send out per job opening was entirely random. Simulations were then carried out within different informational scenarios for labor productivity, to verify the existence of statistically different levels of callbacks between treatment and control groups. The results indicate that, within a scenario of larger informational asymmetry, being associated to or identified as gay has a negative effect of the probability of employment.

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