Facilitadores e barreiras existentes na implantação das estratégias: o caso do pré-sal na Petrobras

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Vasconcelos, Flávio Carvalho de
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Market is dominated by the books and articles that teach us how to develop a strategy. Very few about how to actually implement one. This is a case study of Petrobras between 2008 and 2013 when the organization had developed strategic initiatives and projects to enable pre-salt exploration. The objective of this case study is to verify during the implementation the main facilitators and barriers that transform strategies into results inside de organization. In the first phase, the research adopted as a reference model the facilitators and barriers identified by D. Sull, Homkes and C. Sull (2015) for strategies implementation. It was also reviewed the main authors who addressed the issue of strategies implementation and the potential factors that influence this process. In the second phase, there was a qualitative research with ten Petrobras employees that worked in strategic projects related to the pre-salt exploration. It was identified that the main factors that influenced the strategy implementation of the case study were the 'lack of activities prioritization,' 'inadequate or confusing communication', 'existence of organizational silos' and 'unclear strategic objectives'. The culture of using processes, technical knowledge and tools to implement strategies, it was identified during interviews but the existence of organizational silos and lack of activities prioritization between departments were factors that represent significant barriers to implementation of strategies. One of the factors identified in the research field and on the research work of D. Sull, Homkes and C. Sull (2015) but does not appear in the rest of the literature reviewed is that companies fail to kill unsuccessful strategies during their execution with the objective of reallocating resources and efforts. This new fact in strategies implementation research field may represent a new metric to be monitored by national companies for the success of a strategy implementation.

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