Ampliação dos hospitais privados na cidade de São Paulo: uma estratégia ou uma aposta?

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Malik, Ana Maria
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This thesis aims to investigate what has led private hospitals in the segment of supplementary health care in São Paulo City to expand its service capacity, specifically its range of hospital beds, apparently when the global trend is the decrease in the population need for hospitalization and the official Brazilian figures indicate a reduction in the number of private beds. This study conducted a qualitative research guided by a list of interview with executives from a sample of ten hospitals operating in the private health market. We analyzed the process of developing business strategies of these hospitals, what kind of services and specialties were offered and what the evidence justified these decisions. It also sought to identify the planning model adopted by these organizations. The results indicated that the expansion of beds and services is due to increased market demand for health and a repositioning of the hospitals in relation to the market where the growth strategy aims to: 1) get the economic scale to enable the incorporation of technology necessary to maintain competitiveness, 2) have greater bargaining power with the operators of health plans. The model is budget planning and SWOT analysis using the BSC.

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