A implementação de escritório da qualidade em hospital de pequeno porte

Malik, Ana Maria
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The quality issue in health care has been increasingly debated in some regions of Brazil and the world. There is a significant gap between the discussed theory and practice observed in most hospitals. In Brazil, some large hospitals in the South and Southeast have been pioneers in the implementation of initiatives to quality. However, over 60% of Brazilian hospitals are small, admittedly, on average, perform worse than larger ones. This paper aims to analyze a deployment case of a new service in small hospital organization in the state of São Paulo, belonging to a medical cooperative. The overall objective is to deepen the understanding of how to implement a quality office, based on the perceptions of actors involved in the process as well as the main opportunities and barriers for its functioning. The research was exploratory, with qualitative methodology, consisting of fourteen semistructured interviews applied to a sample of all participants in the process as well as by nonparticipant observation of activities on site. The main boosters were identified: employee engagement, training and some autonomy for quality office. The main barriers were: lack of management support, quality culture exists, inefficient communication

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