The Brazilian student housing market: an exploratory study

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Pacheco, Julia Alice Sophia von Maltzan
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This research analyzes the emerging and growing student housing market in Brazil with the objective of establishing the market attractiveness and potential for investors and entrepreneurs. Because of the underdeveloped status of research on the student housing market in Brazil, this study offers a broad overview of the sector, from both a demand and supply side. A macroeconomic, social and demographic environmental analysis of Brazil forms the backbone of concrete recommendations for actors in this market. By means of both surveys conducted amongst students and interviews with specialists and actors in the field, a student housing business model is developed presenting key success factors as well as risks and barriers to overcome for the future development of the market. This exploratory research concludes that the Brazilian student housing market offers potential for entrepreneurs that can attract investors, that are aware of an unstable macro-environment, and that can address the fast-paced changes and specificities of this market in the Brazilian context.

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