Gestão da inovação no setor elétrico em empresas atuantes no Brasil: uma abordagem pelo sistema setorial de inovação

Vasconcelos, Flávio Carvalho de
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This research addresses the theme of innovation management, seeking to identify the main obstacles to the generation of innovations in the electricity sector companies operating in Brazil, studying its intrinsic market and regulatory characteristics, employing the Sectoral Systems of Innovation approach.A qualitative research strategy and an exploratory methodology were adopted through multiple case studies in five electric sector companies, including a documental survey and interviewing of multiple agents.It was verified that the regulatory pressure prevails over the desire to innovate, leading companies to develop ineffective strategies for generating innovations. On the other hand, in an evolutionary process, , it was possible to observe that some companies are starting to differentiate themselves from others by seeking a more active role in the generation of innovations. Also in a process of evolution, it was possible to observe the strengthening of the Sectoral Systems of Innovation, potentially promoting research and development and the consequent generation of innovations.A lack of objective indicators capable of measuring the impact of innovations on the competitive performance of companies present in the Brazilian electricity sector, was a limitation for analyzing them comparatively.The results of this research point to the need of more effective management of innovation for it to induct real competitive advantages for these companies.A more effective management of innovation, and the consequential rise in the generation of innovations, will be a relevant factor in achieving a more diversified energy matrix, with lower environmental impacts and, mainly, lower electricity costs for consumers, thus increasing the country's competitiveness.

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