Modelo HJM multifatorial com processo de difusão com jumps aplicado ao mercado brasileiro

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Pinto, Afonso de Campos
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This paper proposes an extension of the multifactor Heath, Jarrow and Morton model incorporating a class of jump-diffusion process in an arbitrage-free enviroment, where the jump part follows independent Poisson process. We introduce a new methodology to the jump-diffusion process defining level, steepness and curvature jumps to capture the specificities of the Brazilian nominal interest rate term structure. A numerical solution is proposed under the Brace and Musiela (1994) parametrization extended to the jumpdiffusion process. Through Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and historical data manipulation, the calibration of the parameters of the model is made. With Monte Carlo simulations, the model is used to price asian interest rate options (IDI options), to obtain forecasts of the interest rate term structure and to simulate trading strategies of interest rate furutes.

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