A construção do Centro de Memória na Serrinha

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Pandolfi, Dulce Chaves
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This work introduces a panorama on the one hundred years or so during which the favelas of Rio de Janeiro were formed, specifically Morro da Serrinha, in Madureira, a northern suburb of Rio, and focuses on the existing gap between the preservation of their memories and the importance of countering this situation. The research is centered on the preservation of Jongo, a rhythm brought from Angola by the African bantu people and turned into a Historical and Artistical National Heritage in 2005 - the first immaterial asset in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The Serrinha community keeps the cultural practice of Jongo alive in Rio. Our aim is to create and implement the Serrinha Memory Center, currently in its implementation stage, where there will be a museum-school for 60 young people. Video, photography and audio technical workshops will enable the production of new material on the local history, as well as the gathering of documents and works which are scattered in the hands of producers outside the community, and which will be made available to the public at the Center’s library, as well as on the Jongo da Serrinha Cultural Group’s website.

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