Cultura organizacional e inovação: estudo de caso em um hospital privado com as características de inovação no município de São Paulo

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Malik, Ana Maria
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Innovations, such as new technologies, have been considered a strategic subject in management and have offered bigger challenges to organizations. This paper presents an instrument to analyze the organizational culture and its relation to innovations, including the organization environments. The intention was to verify the presence of culture elements and their relation to the implantation of new technologies in organizations. For this, it was done a research in a hospital of S„o Paulo City. It is a fact that health organizations currently invest in technological innovations, but here innovations were analyzed as a factor that changes processes. It was worked the concepts of cultures, values, knowledge and learning of the organization. The methodology consisted of a study of a case with halfstructured interviews. The methodology consisted of studying cases through interviews. Twenty employees, on management and operational levels, were interviewed, what included management and assistance areas. It was also studied the implantation of a project that mainly involved the nursing, pharmacy and hotel services areas of the hospital.

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