Por que mudar de cidade?: uma análise da satisfação e desejo de mudança de lotação entre peritos da Polícia Federal em Belém e Brasília

Vasconcelos, Flávio Carvalho de
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This research aims to verify to what extent the degree of job satisfaction of the Federal Criminal Experts (PCFs) stationed in northern Brazil is related to the high rate of removal of these servers to other locations. Initially a literature review on the subject of job satisfaction, including aspects of motivation and the variables related to the theme has been presented. Then, in a first step, we apply the scale of job satisfaction (EST) proposed by Siqueira (2008), which assesses five dimensions of work: colleague relationships, relationships with management, the nature of work, salary and promotion system within the organization. Questionnaires were also applied to characterize the sample and to verify the intended removal of experts to another city. We compared the production of further reports of experts stationed in the North with the average production in Brazil. From these results, where it has most of the experts met, and average production near the middle of Brazil, but wanting to be removed, it was necessary to carry out in-depth interviews with a reduced sample in order to understand this phenomenon at first contradictory. The interviews were conducted in a second stage of the research, with experts stationed in Belém-PA, a city of the region studied and in Brasília-DF, desired city as a future local to work by most experts who responded to the questionnaire of the first stage. The results obtained point to evidence that the family of the experts, here defined as parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins and others closes relatives, is the main reason for the strong intention to change Criminalistics Unit, despite being satisfied in their work. Like, is the main factor for the stay of experts in Brasilia, since none of the respondents intend to be removed to another location. Other reasons contributing in a lesser extent for this desire, such as working conditions, the city's development, safety in the city and quality of life in the city. Finally, suggestions for improvement taken from interviews of Criminology at the Federal Police are presented as well as proposals for further research.

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