Modelos de governança e organizações esportivas: uma análise das federações e confederações esportivas brasileiras

Fontes Filho, Joaquim Rubens
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This thesis analyzes the relationship among governance models for sports Federations and their effectiveness in Brazil, by means of the Stakeholders Theory, and theories about sports organizations. It suggests a governance pattern model for sports entities that can increase their effectiveness in a context which the sport is relevant to the State and society. The making of this thesis is a result of wide data collection, gathered from several sources. By means of a qualitative approach, the author seeked the best possible information as well as a growing awareness on the theme. This was facilitated by the his involvement with the subject, as he has managed the direction of a Sports Federation since 2005 – Vice President of Rio de Janeiro Sailing Federation during 2005-2010, and President of the same organization during 2011-2012. Here, the key Stakeholders in sport are identified and then the parameters for good governance are presented in the following areas: regulation, results, professionalism, transparency and participation. The solution proposed helps to offer more transparency and control over sports organizations, by creating an instrumental rationality which best meets the objective interests of all Stakeholders.

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