O efeito de prefeitos negros sobre a composição racial de cargos de liderança no setor público / RP


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    Do black politicians matter? Political leadership and racial composition on top public sector positions
    (2023-10-30) Fuente Estevan, Fernanda Gonçalves de La; Lucena, Thiago Isaias Nóbrega de; Nakaguma, Marcos Yamada; Rabelo, Alexandre Marcos Mendes
    The lack of non-white leadership is often pointed out as one of the potential drivers of the racial representation gap in top positions. This paper investigates the impact of electing a non-white mayor on the share of non-white managers in the Brazilian public sector. Focusing on local elections, we use a regression discontinuity design and novel dataset on candidates race to estimate the impact of electing a non-white mayor on a given municipality over the share of non-white municipal managers. We find that electing a non-white mayor is not associated with any significant increase in the share of non-white managers. We further perform a mechanisms analysis, that suggests that homogeneity across races among mayors’ networks can explain the absence of compositional impacts of the election non-white managers.