Modeling criminal careers of different levels of offense / RP


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    Modeling criminal careers of different levels of offense
    (2018) Raimundo, Silvia Martorano; Yang, Hyun Mo; Greenhalgh, David; Massad, Eduardo
    Will explore the questions of how and what levels of criminal offense spreads, and what the mechanisms of the transmission of violence across individuals and groups. We pointed out that there is a predisposing factor to violence that would result in an act of violence, and that given the highly contagious nature of the causes and effects of violence it is appropriate to refer to it as a type of infection disease. In this way, we assume that some behaviours, including some types of violence, may spread in ways analogous to the contagious spread of infectious diseases, a process that has been characterized as behavioural contagion. Our models themselves are more closely aligned to the idea of contagion than with infectious disease transmission as such. Thus, our analysis serves to highlight the similarities between violence and disease and to violence being viewed as a disease process.