Análise do comportamento financeiro de contas médicas em eventos cirúrgicos, comparado a índices inflacionários de preços e mercado de saúde

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Cardoso, Ricardo Lopes
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The health practice in the country has been going through big and difficult challenges. Concerning funds, the public sector is still in need of a better sizing and strategy. The private sector has its crisis by the lack of more analysis of its costs and variations. The regulation of the supplementary sector is still crude. The immense health challenges and the searches for solution are a constant for better sizing and handling the process. Several factors are pressuring the model, increasing expenses in a vicious unforeseeable situation, without any foresight. There is an urgent need of understanding the outflow model involved and above all the factors that most interfere in the variation of these expenses. The followed work searches a better understanding of the variation costs of the problem of the services given, through the analysis of three medical cases of high relevancy: appendicectomy, hysterectomy, colecistectomy, observing the prices variation practiced in historical 05 years’ time, comparing with the economic and inflationary indexes as IPCA, variation of the Health Insurance Plans by ANS and the variation of hospital/ medical expenses. As results, we observed that for these classics and isolated events, there isn’t a clear pattern of prices linked to any of these indexes, neither a linear variation that allows a better and big analysis. At the same time when the volume of the attending increase, in the mix of these three events we observe a very close relation to the IPCA that is, by the way, very close do the readjustment of the index authorized by ANS in this period. There is a lot to do and study for better understanding of these prices and costs model, as well as its variations.

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