Melhoria do processo de distribuição de medicamentos para pacientes internados: estudo de caso da farmácia do instituto central do HCFMUSP

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Aidar, Marcelo Marinho
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The competitiveness caused by the globalization of economy calls for actions to guarantee quality and process management, since most of the inefficiencies in organizations come from problems in workflow. Healthcare redesign methodologies may be a solution and the approach proposed by Rummler and Brache (1994) makes recommendations to this effect. In hospital settings, maintaining the quality of processes is imperative, as final products and services are directed at patients and variations in quality may lead to severe adverse events. Pharmaceutical Services are highly important within these institutions, being responsible for activities related to the medication process. Drug distribution has impacts on the success of therapy and on hospital costs, requiring continuous evaluation. Redesigning this process justifies the applicability of this study, which aims to assess bottlenecks and to propose improvements in the inpatient drug distribution process. It was conducted at the Individualized Care Center (Central de Atendimento por Dose Individualizada) of the Division of Pharmacy at the Central Institute of the Clinical Hospital of the Medical School of the University of São Paulo (Instituto Central do Hospital das Clínicas da Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de São Paulo). This is a case study and for process redesign, the Rummler Brache Group (RBG) method was used. It was based on mapping and redesigning the process, focusing on critical points that are associated with distribution errors and on drug distribution to inpatients. For data collection, we used documentary research, semi-structured interviews and simple observation. Results were demonstrated using the current and the ideal process map, identified unplugged wires and recommendations for the development of a more efficient operation.

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