A agenda da transformação II: a grande imprensa e a hegemonia neoliberal no Brasil (a imprensa e o governo Collor)

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This study analyzes the difusion of neo-liberal hegemony in Brazil, in the ninety, trough the press - the national newspapers Jornal do Brasil, O Globo, Folha de S. Paulo and O Estado de S. Paulo. Being the press an ideological vehicle, it has key role in the formulation as well as in the transmission of a certain hegemony. In this case, this hegemony is expressed in the redefinition, in global perspective, of the State and Market roles so as to orient (and diffuse) reforms related to the latter. Specifically, themes as privatization, opening of national economies, cessation of labor force protection, among others, constituted the new Agenda replacing the intervencionist model (keynesian and/or national development) valid between the thirties and the eighties.

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