O impacto da convergência de indústrias na configuração da cadeia de valor em empresas na indústria de telecomunicações no Brasil : um estudo de caso

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Cattini Júnior, Orlando
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Both the world and Brazilian telecommunication markets have been changing significantly in the past 10 years in aspects such as competition and regulation. The service model of 'one company, one service/ product' was transformed by the industry convergence, creating opportunities to offer new value propositions to consumers based on a diversified and complementary portfolio of services. These transformations created a new necessity for companies to review their value chains and adequate themselves to the new industry dynamic. Although these processes have been occurring throughout the past 10 years, there have been few studies exploring their effects on the Brazilian reality. The purpose of this paper was to evaluate the effects on the value chain configuration provoked by the industry convergence for the case study, based on the Brazilian telecommunication market. To answer the research question, first, it was reviewed the theoretical concepts of ICT – Information and Communication Technology (FRANSMAN, 2010), their relations to the telecommunication industry and the particulars of the Brazilian case. Secondly, it was also reviewed the theoretical concepts that help define the notions of industry convergence (HACKLIN et al., 2009), value chain (PORTER, 1985) and value networks (PIL e HOLWEG, 2006; MÖLLER e RAJALA, 2007; PARTANEN e MÖLLER, 2012). Based on the theoretical concepts and the qualitative analysis of the case study it was analyzed if there was an optimal value chain configuration that was most suited to adapt to the effects provoked by the industry convergence. The data collection was done by interviews so as to stablish the main changes caused by the industry convergence and understand, as a consequence, the main effects on the value chain.

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