Psicologia social e ideologia: a inserção de um novo/velho conceito e suas consequências para a analise dos fenômenos psico-sociais

Schneider, Eliezer
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The aim of this paper is te examine the recent appearance of the concept of ideology and the transformations it has undergone -however the fundamental objective being to suggest area of study within Psychology, mainly Social Psychology, where the application of this type of analysis could better elucidate a series of behavioural phenomena. Up to now almost nothing is known of the ideological phenomena in those areas. At the end of the paper severe criticism are presented as regards the way Social Psychology is manifested in Brazil, via USA, be it either at the methodological level or, particularly regarding the phenomena studied by Social Psychology. Here in Brazil what has become evident is not only the absence and acceptance of interdisciplinary focuses, but also the dissociation of such phenomena from their historical political contexts. It has also be suggested thay a new area of preferential studies be created for Social Psychology-Social Psychology of the Proletariat -so that in a not distant future a theoretical referential to be established, may truly reflect and comprehend the social dynamics of this class, devoid of classes compromise, a reflex of the dominant ideology to which such a class is traditionally submitted.

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