Desafios da execução de uma estratégia multicanal

Guissoni, Leandro Angotti
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The retail industry is facing a transformation due to the upcoming of new technologies that make possible to consumers to search and buy products in different ways. Now, rather than manage just one distribution channel, the companies should reinforce their distribution strategy, increasing the possible touchpoints with the consumers. Beyond increasing the number of channels, the companies need to integrate and start to eliminate the possible barriers among the channels, allowing the consumers to flow between then during the buying process (omnichannel). On this context, the companies face many operational and management challenges to implement the necessary changes in their channel strategy. The main retailers are organized by department or different business units almost without any integration. Furthermore, any change on the channel strategy affects the process, people and the structure of the company, making harder to implement it. This research has the goal of study how the companies could improve the execution of its multichannel strategy, and be prepared to implement the omnichannel. There is demand for the area of this study, due to the deep transformation that is occurring on this field, and it will change completely the way that retailers do business. The methodology is exploratory qualitative and the Quiksilver Brazil operation was chosen for the analysis, characterizing it as a case study. The company started its operations in Brazil having the wholesale as it unique sales channel, and recently started retail, franchise and e-commerce operations. Interviews were done with the main executives of the company and was applied the IBM omnichannel report to access the Quiksilver multichannel implementation status.

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