Scientific diaspora from an emerging economy: inclination to return and connections to the home country


To better inform policies on talent flow in emerging countries, this article evaluates the determinants of return migration among Brazilian researchers and post-graduate students in Britain, as well as, their personal and professional ties to Brazil. Most participants were inclined to engage in return migration (67%). The perception of the job market and career values were associated to their willingness to return, particularly, to receive job advertisements from EU institutions (OR=0.32, p=0.03) and to identify high income as professional success (OR=0.35, p=0.05). Personal ties to Brazil were both more frequent and influential in return migration plans than professional ties. Only 19% of participants were actively involved in research partnerships between the two countries. A series of policy implications were discussed at the institutional, national and international level. Evidence-based policies to engage with the scientific diaspora and to foster international partnerships are both critical to maximize social benefits and to secure equitable development worldwide

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