Gerenciamento de crise: um estudo de caso sobre o gerenciamento de crise de imagem da Polícia Militar - PMAM

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Riccio, Vicente
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This work deals with lhe Management of Crisis adopled in lhe Military Policy of lhe Slate of Amazon. The academic intenlion was to verify if lhe corporation adopts countermeasures to miligale lhe harmful effecl of the phenomena of crisis in favor of it image and credibilily, based on lhe formularizalion of a Plan of contingency studies'. The mentioned studies less go lo lhe meeting of a new conceplion in lhe change of lhe current paradigm of favorable management of institulional crisis that il deals wilh negative circumslances and lhal affects the corporation directly. The objective of lhese actions is to give lo lhe responsible for lhe decision and, consequenlly, for lhe managemenl of lhe crisis, lhe theorelical conduclion lhal lhe policy of Amazon can treal in lhe momenls of lhe crisis. This research discloses lhat lhe corporalion, military policy of lhe Slate of Amazon, hasn't a cullure of lhe prevention of lhe crisis and doesn't find inslrumenls to deal with the crisis in a scienlific and lechnique way, preventing, informing and giving solutions to lhe delicale phenomena of lhe democratic and multipluralisla society where we live.

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