Educação executiva e carreira: a contribuição do MBA brasileiro sob a ótica dos egressos

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Irigaray, Hélio Arthur
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The 90's were a period of transformation, especially in the discussion on careers, as well as the expansion of Executive MBAs in Brazil. Career studies have undergone a profound transformation over the past decades and the responsibility for career management that, initially, was the company assumed new contours through to the professional, now called 'protean' for its ability to adapt to changes and environment, the rudder of his career. This change has given him (or her) more freedom to set his/her course and personal priorities, but to hold it more uncertainties and responsibilities providing it with the need to maintain employability. At the management level, professionals seeking executive education courses, as the Master in Business Administration (MBA), as a tool for career management, enabling it to stay employable or to make career moves. However, criticism of the actual contribution of these courses for the career of its graduates raise the need to assess what the real contribution of an MBA for career, from the perspective of those who made such a course and observed the reflections that the title generated in their careers. Therefore, a quantitative survey was conducted with a sample of 2,027 graduates, over the past 10 years, MBA courses at FGV. The results showed that the sample respondents professionals report having experienced positive results in career and who have been successful, moreover, have Proteins features and demonstrate needs to manage and develop your career.

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