Conhecimento e uso das métricas de marketing em instituições de ensino superior

Botelho, Delane
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Society has evolved, the offer for a college education has increased and private institutions of higher education (IES) have invested in marketing activity to stand out from their competitors to try to obtain large quantities of students registered. This fact has been responsible for having provoked over the past ten years, relevant changes and adaptations in the management of this market segment and the professionalization of the management of marketing of IES's in Brazil has become the source of research in the study of market patterns. The present study has as its objective, the identification in literature pertaining to patterns in marketing applied to educational services, the levei of knowledge of the management of institutions of higher learning concerning this measurement and how they are being utilized and developed. The methodology used in this study of an exploratory nature was a qualitative study through extensive interviews, done with eight marketing professionals of private IES institutions, classified as small, medium or large in the city of Curitiba, PR. It was concluded that the empirical proof exists before the advance of education but this proof necessitates the use of concrete methods and techniques capable of identifying the results of marketing patterns on the institutions. And it was verified that these activities started to be practiced in the past 5 years by the majority of institutions researched and the tendency is that there exists a greater market development in the sector of institutions of higher learning. Future research is being discussed concerning marketing theory.

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