Solidariedade: uma possibilidade de integração no ensino básico e profissional das escolas técnicas do governo do estado do Rio de Janeiro

Zouain, Deborah Moraes
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This research had as objective to identify critical factors that will make possible the implantation, collective and individual development, of one centered public politics in the variable solidarity, as a way of search of the integration for the improvement of the basic and professional education of systems of technical schools of State of Rio de Janeiro, today under the responsibility of Fundação de Apoio à Escola Técnica – FAETEC. The research had as reference of search of datas and informations, in its majority, of professionals, students and stakeholders unloaded of the concrete participation of the current FAETEC´s public politics. Therefore, Pablo Freire also served as referencial, mainly in its citation in page 19 of the book 'Educação e mudança', when he cites 'The true commitment is solidarity, and to not solidarity with that they deny the solidary commitment it, but with that, in the concrete situation, if they find converted into things'. These premises had fortified the choice of the research-action as methodology. Of stakeholders, we can cite the Industrial Union of the Technician of State of Rio de Janeiro (SINTEC-RJ), the Association of responsible parents and pupils of Adolpho Bloch school (APRAETEAB) and the Self-Regulating Body of the Engeneering Profession and architecture (CREA-RJ) through the Technician who are Overseers in the current management. Other interested people had also participated, whose contributions had been effective. All had been pledged in collaborating so that, exactly facing difficulties, the research was enough and showed that we are preparing a land adjusted for the implantation of a new public politic in this institution. Fighting the egoism, the pride and the vanity of that, independent of ideologies, already they had been corroded in its character and more, demonstrates in its corporativism badly guided, what the collective egoism brings of curses, also not to obtain to see the possibility of a better world: one another globalization.

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