Evolução do conforto doméstico no estado de S. Paulo, 1980-2002: análise quantitativa

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It is pristine clear the fast diffusion of the most of the consumption durable goods in S.Paulo State, in the last twenty years. This trend has been helped by the universalization of the domestic electricity supply, piped water, sewage, and the trend of decreasing prices of the goods themselves. Among other consequences, such popularization impairs the efficiency of the socioeconomic classification scale based on the ownership of domestic comfort items, fostering constant updating and controversies inside the marketing community. This research systematizes data on domestic condition and on the ownership of domestic durable goods in S.Paulo State. It suggests how such thing affects the material and cultural consumption. Finally, it indicates that it is high time to use better and intensively variables such as education, occupation, the quality of domestic conditions, as usually and for long carried out in developed countries. This is a precondition to the better understanding of the changes towards the implantation of the modern consumption society in Brazil.

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