Estudo exploratório sobre indústrias criativas no Brasil e no estado de São Paulo

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Creative industries are now the subject of intense debate in international academic literature and in public and governmental organizations. These industries were born as a concept to reconcile traditional cultural industries, creative arts and new information technologies. The purpose of this study is to provide a review of the literature on the topic and to map a core of these industries in Brazil and in the State of São Paulo. The mapping relied on information from secondary sources, such as research institute reports, telephone directories and trade associations. The results indicate more pronounced development of creative industries dedicated to the production of mass cultural goods, such as television and radio, as well a less significant presence of audio-visual. In the State of São Paulo, only 1.0 percent of GDP are associated with creative industry activities, concentrated, as expected, in the State Capital and its metropolitan area. The report also suggests future topics for research in this area.

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