Cidade inteligente Búzios : entre paradigmas e percepções

Freire-Medeiros, Bianca
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From the second half of the 1990s, with the advancement of computer technology, the Information Technology (IT) was integrated in several management processes of cities. From this integration, the generic concept of Smart City was created. The concept is being disseminated quickly, but it is necessary emphasize that there is no consensus on its definition, which makes the Smart Cities’s projects quite heterogeneous. The electric company Ampla SA, which serves 66 counties in the state of Rio de Janeiro, is developing a project that aims to transform the city of Armação dos Buzios in the first smart city in Latin America. Started in 2011, Smart City Buzios project consists of improvements in power grid, which would be just one element of a smart city project. This dissertation is divided into two parts. At first, the goal is to present an updated overview of the researches on smart cities and projects that are being developed, aiming to understand the possible interpretations of the concept. In the second part, the research approaches the daily life of Buzios with the interviews with some residents in November 2013. The interviews aimed at discussing issues related to quality of life in the city, including the transformations promoted by the project Smart City Buzios. The result of this research is a reflection on the limits and possibilities of the Smart City concept, considering, in the first instance, the impacts on the daily lives of the population.

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