Um estudo de caso sobre a entrada da Petrobrás no retail norte americano

Bezerra, Rogério Sobreira
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This study aims to comprehend how the entrance of Petrobras in the retail downstream segment contributes to the company’s current strategy. Since the North American market is the worlds’ biggest gasoline (oil product of high aggregated value) consumer, we come to believe that it would be a relevant market in which the company should expand its business. A sizable market, logistical facilities, interesting margins, as well as portfolio diversification and strategical positioning towards an international recognition as a major oil company are viewed as the main reasons to enter this market. Among the results of this study, it is important to refrain that the North American downstream segment is attractive and, therefore, Petrobras as a regional oil company aiming to become an international oil company should consider the possibility of entering this market. No sufficient barriers to entry were detected regarding predatory behavior as well as sunk costs or vertical integration. Finally, observing the results of the efficient frontier, it is important to say that there is no 'best' portfolio option and, it will be up to the company to decide how much risk is it willing to take and/ or what is the minimal acceptable return.

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