Projetos públicos compartilhados na visão de gerentes de uma agência de fomento em infraestrutura social

Rego, Marcos Lopez
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The objective of this dissertation is to describe, from the perspective of the managers of a development agency of social infrastructure, working in the public sector, how shared public projects can be more efficient and provide better results in the management of public resources. To this end, a study was developed in three stages: first observations and Survey evidence on the desktop managers were conducted to understand the shared public projects in their particular circumstances. In the second stage, we applied an exploratory Survey into two groups: a first group of managers from the private sector or other public companies, and the second group, formed only for managers of sponsoring agency, in order to understand how it behaves to view study group compared with other groups on the topics studied. The third step consisted of open and structured interviews with the group of managers and content analysis. The results indicated that: (i) the use of management tools increases the efficiency of project implementation, (ii) the tools used, such as the Logical Framework and some tools suggested by the PMBOK Guide , allowed a clear vision of the project objectives, including regional partners, and ensure greater standardization of procedures, (iii ) the use of management tools has expanded the ability to measure the results of projects, facilitating their monitoring, and (iv) reducing conflicts and regional political interference.

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