A foice, o martelo e outras ferramentas de ação política: os trabalhadores rurais e têxteis de Magé/RJ (1956-1973)

Fontes, Paulo
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This thesis of doctoral aims to analyze the political action of rural and textile workers of city Magé, State of Rio de Janeiro, between 1956 and 1973, highlighting the performance in partnership of these two categories, as well their forms of the organization and struggles. As we consider this city as an privileged scenario to investigate the connections between the rural and the urban - given that was a important producer of food and became a textile industrial center - our aim will be to map the participation of various political parties, leaders, groups and institutions that dialogued with these workers beyond the myth of the 'Sickle and Hammer'. Thus, we seek to contribute to studies on social history of work, emphasizing the link between the collective struggles and the political action tools used by these weavers and farmers, analyzed together in this research.

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