Educação e disciplina: uma relação de sujeição ou os efeitos de poder da prática e do discurso escolar

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Silva, Maria Lúcia do Eirado
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We have intended to realize a reflection about present brazilian school, its difficulties and its problems, as well as to investigate the idea of split between know ledge and power, that is implied in the postulates of neutrality and objectivity of modern and dominant science, as it appears in the conception of knowledge that directs the educational institution. Our analysis begins with Foucault's point of view about power to understand the school's disciplinary process and its mechanisms, of vigilance and control, pervading the daily routine and leading to subjection and training of the physical, material body, in view of reaching the cognitive and political submission. The capital's accumulation have required a detailed and calculated technology of subjection to produce an accumulation of men, which sustains and spreads out a production apparatus which, by its turn, maintains and uses the men. The capitalist economy rest on the disciplinary power, whose 'political anatomy' operates by means of political regimes, apparatus and various instituions, including the school. In an empirical research, we try to identify both the standing power technologies with its practices, and the resistance manifestations in action, with its ways of expression. We still attempt to analyse the difficulty of changing these practices, with the aid of Deleuze's and Guattari's conceptions about the 'word of order'. Nietzsche's thinking led the critic and the discussion concerning this school which is ours, as well as the proposition of new values for education, with the consequent questioning and suspicion about the value of values that guide this type of education.

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