Fatores críticos de sucesso na corretagem de ações pela internet na visão do investidor: um estudo exploratório

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Joia, Luiz Antonio
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The aim of this study is to investigate, under the perspective of the investor, the determinant factors for the success of the stock brokerage process over the Web, through financial portals in the Brazilian Internet. This study is based on a theoretical framework which shows the evolution of the electronic commerce all over the world, and, specially, in Brazil; analyses the role of intermediation, desintermediation and reintermediation in the electronic commerce; stresses the differences between the traditional stocks brokerage process and the one made possible by the Internet; and, finally, describes the profile of the investors which operates their investments in the financial markets over the Web.The conclusions of this study are obtained based on a field study, conducted with Brazilian investors that operate using Internet based financial portals for the intermediation of their stock operations. The findings obtained where analyzed under the perspective brought by the theoretical reference framework, and, based on this approach, the critical aspects for the success of stock brokerage over the Internet, under the vision of the investor, could be deducted and discussed.

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