O impacto de investimentos em inovação no desempenho das empresas brasileiras: uma abordagem multinivel

Parente, Ronaldo Couto
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In a context of major technological changes this study seeks to understand the impacts that investment in innovation bring to performance of Brazilian firms. Using a large sample of secondary data extracted from the PINTEC, IBGE, composed mainly by the sectors of mining, processing and computing, it was possible to investigate whether investments in R & D results into innovative products and innovative products result in an increase in two important aspects of performance: profitability and growth. Through multilevel analysis was obtained a result of a positive and significant relationship between investments in R & D in 2003 with the rise of innovative products in the following years, as well as a significant relationship between indicators of innovation and growth of the firm. However no significant positive relationship was found between indicators of innovation with profitability metrics. These results corroborate the findings of other works such as Klomp and Van Leeuwen (2001), Cho and Pucik (2005) and Brito and Brito (2009), contributing in method and scope for the latter that inspired this work.

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