Avaliação da composição serviço-bem na escolha do consumidor-abordagem da análise conjunta no mercado de telefonia celular

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Botelho, Delane
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The relationship between the attributes in an offer and the outcome of the companies are of considerable interest for the marketing researches. This dissertation inquire about the motivation attributes of the choosing process in the mobile phone market, in which the offers assume the simultaneous acquirement of a good (a mobile phone) and the hiring of a service. Data were collected from a survey with 302 interviewee on the city of Rio de Janeiro and were analyzed using conjoint analyses. The goal was to determine the amount of the relevancy of the attributes in the choosing process of the consumer and to evidence, from these relative weights, the importance of the good (mobile phone) and of the service in a situation of joint purchased. The results show that the relative importance of the attributes referring to the mobile phone component (manufacturer brand, price and features) has gotten significant higher values than from the relative importance of the attribute referring to the service component (mobile brand, price and features). At the process of putting together a ranking of the attributes for each one of the components were found also differences between its positions. The results also show the strong influence of the price at the consumer choosing since this attribute has gotten the highest absolute weight. The author of this dissertation suggests that this outcome is justifiable by the fact that the purchased of a mobile phone represents an immediate disbursement while the price of the service, even thought systematic, do not occur in the exact moment of the purchased.

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