Briefing temático #4: questões regulatórias a partir do debate na Califórnia: análise da Proposição 22


This thematic briefing analyzes the "App-Based Drivers as Contractors and Labor Poli-cies Initiative", known as Proposition 22 (Proposition 22 or, hereinafter, P22), and ex-plores the debate in California about the characterization of the existing legal bond between application drivers and delivery drivers and the platforms, such as Uber and Lyft. The P22 marks the controversy over definitions and types of employment on digital platforms, labor legislation and new work modalities, such as the independent contracting regime. In this document, we are interested in exploring the specifics of this debate and how regulatory agendas and discussions relate to Brazil, following the proposal of the Future of Work & Gig Economy study: regulatory issues on tech-nology and social protection to dialogue with contexts and discussions in other countries that may contribute to the Brazilian debate. To this end, the text of Propo-sition 22, news, government reports and academic publications dealing with the theme were analyzed. Enjoy your reading!

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