Antecedentes da adoção da computação em nuvem: efeitos da infraestrutura, investimento e porte

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Cloud computing, a peculiar form of storage and of making information available, has attracted much interest for its potential to significantly alter required investment in information technology infrastructure. As a paradox, while organizations can benefit from the possibility of implementing cloud computing, decision makers are faced with the dilemma arising from the possibility that competitors will have access to previously scarce or unique resources, essentially sources of competitive advantage. The question that arises is whether cloud computing increases the complexity of investment decisions or, in contrast, simplifies the analysis by allowing resources to be released for investment in other skills required by the business. This research investigates what antecedents are associated with the decision to undertake cloud computing and evaluates the effects existing IT infrastructure and the size and amount of investments have in this decision. Analysis of secondary data was used to develop a structural model, which is accompanied by explanations of the relationships uncovered. This paper's contributions include a theoretical explanation of the quandary related to IT investments within this context and the decision to adopt cloud computing and, additionally, the presentation of some managerial implications of these findings. Research limitations and suggestions for changes in future studies are also presented.

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