O Leviatã e os Jesuítas: uma análise das regras disciplinares do Colégio Santo Inácio no quadro institucional do Estado Novo (1937-1945)

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Neves, Luiz Felipe Baeta
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This dissertation presents an ana1ysis of the discip1inary ru1es that regu1ate chi1dren ' s and ado1escents ' behaviour and make up training techniques imposed on the referred-to popu1ation by two instances of power: the State and the Schoo1. The ru1es of behaviour that under1 ie the schoo1 system are ana1ysed on the basis of the discip1inary patterns in force at Co1egio Santo Inácio do Rio de Janeiro. directed by Jesuits, from 1937 to 1945 and contained in some documents of the institution such as Regu1ations, Statutes and Year Books. We have, however, a1so traced the very origin of the Jesuits ' school discipline through an analysis of the contents of three documents of the Society of Jesus, issued during the 16th century: the COn6titutiOn6, the Ratio Studio~ and the Sp~uat Exe~~e~, in which a clear pedagogical and nonnative feature can be noticed. We have limited our ana1ysis to the disci.plinary rules in force atColegio Santo Inácio during the 37-45 period because Brazil was then under the New State dictatorship, when a series oflega1 provisionswereestabli.shed to regulate children's and adolescents ' lives. Such provisions can be found in the 37 Constitution, in the chapters dealing with Fami1y, Education and Culture (art. 122-134); in the Introduction to the Organic Law of Secondary Schoo15, of Apri1 1st, 19.42, and in artic1es pub1ished in CuUwr.a. PolZ:Uca (Political Culture) - a magazine that was a sort of mouthpiece for the federal government at the time - which deal with such subjects as hygiene, discipline, healtb and .morals of children and adolescents. In the ana1ysis of tbe relationships between the State and the Schoo1, mainly in what concerns the imposing of a pattern of behaviour, we hare reached the conclusion that the school system has a reltive independence frem the State system.

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