Integração vertical versus horizontal: oportunidades nas cadeias de suprimentos de garrafas PET das indústrias de refrigerantes e águas minerais do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

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Oliveira, José Antônio Puppim de
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The proposed study aims to provide general management and shareholders from mineral water and softdrink companies from the state of Rio de Janeiro, with knowledge about new business opportunities and also support them in the decision making of vertical or horizontal integration in the production supply chain of PET and plastic bottle operations in their plants. The data for the research was collected through bibliography and a questionnaire applied to 28 companies. The study contributes for competitiveness increase from the mineral water and softdrink industry, presenting results based on technological, economic, strategic, social and environmental aspects. The conclusions show that there are many improvement opportunities on the PET and plastic bottle supply chain at mineral water and softdrink industries from Rio de Janeiro state, within a sustainable development concept.

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