Assédio moral no trabalho: a sistematização dos estudos sobre um campo em construção

Freitas, Maria Ester de
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This research investigated how workplace mobbing starts to be researched in the scientific studies, taking into consideration the theoretical and empirical contributions of researchers from several countries in the world. This study is based on the mapping of the scenario where the first studies about this matter, the most important contributions, the understanding of the causes, the impacts of this kind of workplace violence and also on some of the tested ways to deal with this problem. It is our intention to map the contributions of Brazilian researchers and the characteristics of the phenomenon in this country. The methodology chosen was the bibliographical review and production, classified according to descriptive and explicit categories of this phenomenon, in such a way that the integration of multiple contributions allows a panoramic view of this topic. We hope that the results contribute to the better understanding of this phenomenon and that it may help people interested in the effective combat of this very serious organizational problem.

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