Apreçamento de opções de recompra embutidas: uma aplicação ao mercado de debêntures brasileiro

Almeida, Caio Ibsen Rodrigues de
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n this work we develop a strategy to price emb edded options. This kind of options exists in a large numb er of deb entures in the Brazilian market. As this market presents a reduced numb er of assets, pricing the emb edded options is necessary so as to increase the numb er of assets available to analysis. As an intermediary step, we need to know when is interesting to the issuer to call the deb enture b efore the expiration date. With this intuit, we prop ose a metho dology to estimate the term structure of the deb entures market based on the mo del of Nelson-Siegel. As an exercise, we apply the prop osed strategy to estimate the emb edded option on the deb enture TSPP22. We observed that the value of this option presented an ascendant b ehavior during the analyzed p erio d. As matter of fact, this deb enture was called by the issuer on February of 2011.

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