Análise dos processos administrativos eletrônicos da prefeitura de Santos e de São Paulo

Francisco, Eduardo de Rezende
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Due to the growing interest from public agencies to adopt electronic administrative procedures, including the Government of Pernambuco, the work aims to list some differences identified between the recent experiences of the governments of Santos and Sao Paulo. The analysis was mainly in relation to the planning phase, the strategy adopted for the implementation, training, mapping of processes, development of the system and the experience of other public agencies that use the same system, the part of technology and the costs involved the deployment of the systems adopted by each municipality. The paper also reports the experience of the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) in order to provide more information about electronic administrative processes to contribute to the Government of Pernambuco and other agencies who are interested in the subject to further review and check according to the context in which each is inserted some interesting factors to be observed in decision making regarding the selection and feasibility of which system to adopt.

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