Paradoxes perception and smartphone use by Brazilian executives: Is this genderless?

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This study aims to identify the influence of gender in the perception of paradoxes accrued from smartphone use by Brazilian executives. From the extant scientific literature, this work identified fourteen technological paradoxes that might be associatedwith smartphone use by executives. By applying questionnaires and conducting in-depth interviews, data was collected and analyzed via non-parametric statistics and content analysis. The study shows that the gender variable actually influences the way executives in Brazil perceive the paradoxes accrued from the use of smartphones. From the fourteen paradoxes set forth, six are perceived by female executives, whereas only four are perceived by male executives. The article concludes that although female executives experience a higher level of ambiguities arising from the use of smartphones than male executives, the former perceive more positive than negative effects from the use of smartphones, as this device allows them to play their different roles in society better, namely as executives, mothers, wives, to name just a few. © 2015 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.