A questão da deterioração da qualidade de vida no trabalho na visão dos 'bem-sucedidos'

Heloani, José Roberto
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The following thesis aims to investigate through dialectic approach the successful white-collars' vision about the reality of quality of working life deterioration. We have defined as 'successful those white-collars whose professional and academic background have provided them with broader opportunities before the job market so that they can choose an employment closer to one they would consider as ideal. In this study the 'successful white-collars' wiII be Harvard Business School's MBAs, graduated in 1999, currently holding managerial positions in organizations. During this study we wiII discuss the role of downsizing and reengineering, as well the role of the current high-tech revolution, shrinking workspaces, and investor-driven management in fomenting quality of working life (QWL) deterioration through higher stress level and fear at the workplace. Afterwards, we wiII evaluate the costs of QWL deterioration and how the organizations themselves have corroborated to generate the grounds for an emergent work values crisis. As we proceed with our study, we will characterize the group sample, considering the possible influence of factors such as the 'Harvard' culture and success paradoxes within the contradictory speech analysis. Finally, the interview analysis will lead us to concIude that QWL seems to have been trade off for other attributes as remuneration by the very people who could wish for both, QWL and remuneration, once they hold a privileged position in the job market. The apparent diminishing importance of QWL seems to be related to the conversion of work into transitory experiences under the hegemony of flexibility and employability. It is regrettable to notice that a trend seems likely to arise from the QWL deterioration: the trend in which the organizational practices have brought not only the corrosion of workers' character but also the fragmentation between the concept of working life and life itself.

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